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Orangevale is a city in the state of California. It is located 25 miles North East of Sacramento County, and it occupies around 30.16 square kilometers.. In the year of 2010, Orangevale had a total population of 33,960 inhabitants.

In terms of the economy, it is one of the most developed areas in California. For specific purposes, it is one of the most developed areas in California. It has a variety of various income levels. The average household income was $71,469 in the year 2010.

If you look at its racial composition, it is very diverse. The population is almost 40% of the Hispanic or Latino origin. The indigenous population is at 1% of the total population. The remaining 20% are Caucasian. Of the 16,154 households, 80% were family households.

The number of households also varied with a median of 3 people per household. The average household size was 2 people per household.

Things To Do

For those who love nature, there are numerous parks and public gardens. Below are the top things to do in Orangevale:

  1. Orangevale Community Park.

This is a great place for joggers, walkers, and cyclists. It is easily accessible and has a lot of kids facilities. There are also many sports courts here.This park is located next to the 20000 block of Auburn Boulevard.

  1. Valley Athletic Park.

This facility is a running, walking and biking track facility that has two basketball courts, two volleyball courts and two tennis courts, as well as a playground for kids. It is also located at the 20000 block of Auburn Boulevard.

  1. Beek Park

This is a major park that has great facilities for sports, walking, and cycling. There are also picnic grounds, restrooms, and a playground for kids. It is located at the 9900 block of Beek Road.

  1. Creekside Gardens.

This is a very popular public garden with the locals and visitors. It has various plants, including cacti, and manicured gardens, landscaping and waterscapes. It also has a garden shop where you can find plants for your own home. This garden is also located at the 20000 block of Auburn Boulevard.

  1. Rocklin Community Center.

This is a great place for kids to have fun and socialize. It has a gym where kids can play and enjoy their time together with friends. It also has a swimming pool, basketball courts, volleyball courts and a playground for children. This center is located at the 221 N Rocklin Road.

  1. Veterans Memorial Park.

This park has various facilities for both children and adults, including baseball fields, picnic grounds, restroom facilities, walking trails and more. It is located at the 6000 block of North Sunrise Avenue.

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

This is a very popular park with the locals and visitors. It has playgrounds, sports fields, mowed lawns and a skateboard park. It also has restrooms, picnic tables and gas stations nearby. It is located at the 10000 block of Lawn Avenue East.

  1. Arden Wineries.

This is a place where you can visit and sample wines from the area. You can also go inside and see what it is like to run a winery, including the winemaking process for yourselves. If you have time, why not take a wine tour of a few wineries for a great experience? This is also located at the 10000 block of Lawn Avenue East.

  1. Frank’s Nursery & Crafts.

This is one store that offers both plants and crafts to the locals and visitors. You can buy some great stuff here, including plants and handmade crafts. This store is also located at the 10000 block of Lawn Avenue East.

  1. McHenry Mansion Museum & Interpretive Center.

This center is open to the public, showing great artifacts and historical information about the area. You will get a chance to learn more about this famous and famous mansion, including its notable history. This museum is located at the 10000 block of Meadowbrook Road.

These are just some of the things that you will surely have to do when you visit Orangevale. They are very easy to find and are within easy reach of one another, so you enjoy this area without getting bored easily as you explore its beauty.



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