About Pool Leaks

Don’t Let Your Pool Drain You!

We are capable of finding and repairing YOUR leak. If your pool has a broken pipe under the pool or pool deck, we will find it.

If your pool leak is underwater, we will find it by means of underwater diving and using the most modern methods to find the leak.

Why do pools leak?

There are many reasons why pools leak:

New Pools

  • Your pool may have leaked from the day it was built.
  • During construction a pipe fitting may not have been glued properly.
  • On occasion heavy equipment is used during the final grading of pool decking leaving light conduits and plumbing as targets to get run over and cracked.
  • Even though all of your pool plumbing will be inspected under pressure during new construction, small leaks can still sneak by which can become larger over time.

Older Pools

  • Ground settling issues can cause plumbing to sag and break at the pool wall.
  • A small leak in plumbing/pipes will cause tree and plant roots to migrate toward the moisture in the soil. These roots will wrap around pool plumbing and and crack a pipe.
  • Small leaks always create a larger problem eventually.
  • Pool tile and grout can crack below the normal water line, or the pool may just develop a crack through the shell.
  • Any place that plastic pipe (PVC) comes through the pool shell, (main drains, return lines etc) can develop leaks as the pools interior finish begins to deteriorate.
  • As weather changes your pool will expand and contract generally making small leaks bigger leaks.

What is allowable for evaporation?

Unfortunately, there is no magic number or standard formula. There are many different variables in play that determine evaporation rates. Weather is the most obvious. (See our instructions for a bucket test to compare a pools leak with normal evaporation).

Evaporation can range from 1/8” to 1/2” per day.

Water meters have become commonplace, and water has also become more expensive and valuable. The extra demand for make up water and chemicals is not only costly, but some leaks can actually damage the integrity of your pool’s structure and threaten your investment.